Admission are now open for limited seats from classes Nursery to IX and XI for the 2022-23 academic year. ||

Delhi Public School, Ambala feels immensely proud of its stupendous students, who with their firm determination, sweat and commitment have come out with flying colors with an excellent result in class X and XII CBSE examination. From XII, Snaeh has topped from Medical stream with 94.4%, Anaamaya Maithani has topped from Non-Medical stream, Sharvi Bansal has attained the highest from Commerce stream with 91.6% and Palak Manchanda has scored the highest from Arts stream with 91.4%. The highest scorers, who have displayed their outstanding efforts from different subjects are in Physical Education the highest score is 99 attained by Snaeh and Jeslyn Verma, Snaeh scored 97 in Chemistry, Gauransh Pundir attained 97 in I.P, Aditi bagged 96 in Music, Palak Manchanda got the highest score of 95 in Political Science and Muskan Rana scored 95 in Psychology. Anaamaya Maithani and Snaeh scored 95 each in Physics, Anaamaya Maithani attained 95 in Maths, Aeishani bagged 94 in Business Studies, Tirath Chandel attained 94 in Accounts and Muska Rana too scored 94 in Legal Studies, Anaamaya Maithani bagged 93 in English, Sharvi Bansal scored 92 in Economics, Snaeh bagged 92 in Biology and Muskan Rana scored the highest in History by bagging 91.
Our Class 10th students too have left no stone unturned to bring laurel to school, Abhilekh Yadav bagged the highest score of 97.4% , the other highest scorers are Ritwik Sharma attaining 100 in Maths, Joy Singh bagged 98 in Hindi, Ritwik Sharma scored 98 in English, Bavneet bagged 98 in Hindi ,Joy Singh scored 97 in SST, Abhilekh and Agrima bagged 97 in I.T. The Management of D.P.S Ambala, the Principal, Ms. Amita Dhaka, the entire faculty and staff congratulated the students and their proud parents for such an outstanding results and also encouraged the students to believe in themselves and attain the impossible in their unimaginable ways through hard work, perseverance and do their best in their future endeavors and bring laurel to the country.