Admission are now open for limited seats from classes Nursery to IX and XI for the 2022-23 academic year. ||
School hours ………… 8.00 am-2:10 pm for classes I to X , 8:00 am- 12:30pm (For classes XI,XII), 8:00-12:30 am for kindergarten Recess ………………… 11:20am – 11:45am.
You may pick your ward by informing at the school reception well in advance.
After being absent a written explanation is required when the child returns. We consider regular attendance to be most important, but please keep your child at home if s/he is sick. If there is a need for your child to be collected from school during school hours, parents must sign a partial absence note located at the office, before collecting your child.
On occasions where a late arrival is unavoidable, students are required to have a late note from the office before going to class.