The DPS Society is well known entity in the field of education which provides spiritual environment to give much needed nourishment to the human spirit. DIPSITES know that what matters is being truly human. Delhi Public School, Ambala has continued to build and extend its commitment to enhancing its facilities. The aim is to preserve the history and heritage of the school, maximize the use of space available in an environmentally responsible and sustainable fashion, and plan for new and refurbished facilities.


Regular seminars, workshop and interactive sessions are organised for the student and teachers on various topics that are related to their intellectual growth and also to cater to their inherent interest. These sessions are organized as an integral part of the school curriculum and aim to enhance the knowledge, skill and performance of the students.

Teachers Training: Teachers are trained throughout the year and are updated through various workshops arranged by the school authorities and external agencies for workshops.


Dipsites are regularly exposed to knowledgeable luminaries whose words motivate and inspire the young minds. As we all are aware that classroom teaching in institutions adds to information and knowledge of students, but insight formation takes place through real life experiences and interactions with personalities. Guest speakers from different walks of life enrich the attitudes, aptitude and critical thinking of students which help them become valuable citizens of society.


Going by the latest theory of Multiple Intelligence by ‘Howard Gardner’ the school provides various clubs and work experience classes such as nature club, IT club, Food craft, Music, Dance Clubs etc. to help the child choose the area of his /her interest and excel in that particular area.


To inculcate the love for reading the school has a well stacked library. It serves as the backbone of all academic activities of the school with sufficient no of Books, magazines etc. The educational Resource Centre library aims to promote reading and motivate learning. The School Library is open to all bonafide students of the school. All the classes are provided at least one library period every week.

Language Labs

A language laboratory to impart a wholesome language learning experience to the students with the special emphasis on dramatics, elocution, presentations etc. proving true that a Children retain: 20% of what they hear, 40% of what they see, and 90% of what they do

Mathematics Laboratory

The Maths lab is a unique concept in the field of mathematics. It is a place where students can learn and explore various mathematical concepts and verify the facts and theorems using different activities. The lab is well equipped with necessary kits and tools. It provides an opportunity to the students to easily understand and internalize the basic mathematical concepts through concrete objects and situations.

Computer Labs

The School is well equipped with modern computing facilities for students and teachers. Its information technology based learning solutions, multimedia experience , e- resources and high speed internet connectivity are useful instruments for enhancing students overall knowledge and perspectives. The computer lab is like a resource centre for students and teachers. All the computer systems of the school are connected through high speed routers in form of LAN

Transport System

An efficient transport system that ensure safety of the children. Buses ply on pre-defined routes and be parked in the school premises so that alighting and boarding can be monitored by teachers personally.

Music Dance

Music and dance room to sensitize students as much to Mozart as to Pandit Ravi Shankar so that they can appreciate the beauty in their compositions. Children will also be introduced to various genres of dance through highly experienced professionals.

Science Labs

To enable the students to hone their skills and learn the concepts practically, well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology labs. Students of all the senior classes visit the labs regularly and make extensive use of labs by performing experiments themselves, under the supervision of experienced faculty.

Art Craft

Art and craft room to sharpen their psycho motor skills and at the same time learn about artists like Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, MF Hussain etc. They will also learn to take pride in what they create and even participate in in-house exhibitions to display their creations.

School Clinic

The school has a well-equipped clinic, which functions throughout the school timing, providing first aid and immediate medical attention. Periodic medical check-up of every student is done and records are maintained. In case of any exigency, the school takes services of Multi specialty Hospital in the near vicinity.

Excellent Learning Environment

To keep pace with the changing scenario of education in the present virtual times, the school has smart classrooms furnished with LCD Projector and advanced software to facilitate teaching of various subjects. The visualization of the course content and other information helps them to understand the content easily and makes learning a joy on one side and longer retention on the other.

Sports Facilities

Keeping in mind the holistic development of the students, Delhi Public School, Ambala provides ‘State of the art ‘ sports facilities supporting the fact that sports is the only common denominator in the world that brings everyone together.

The school provides an array of sports to develop the true spirit of sports manship among the students. Football ground, Cricket nets, Badminton courts, Basketball court, Skating Rink, Swimming pool, Tennis Court, Volley ball court and Sports room for Indoor games such as Chess, Table Tennis and Yoga are some of the games/sports that the school offers.


Healthy eatables and juices are available at the food court at fixed prices on cash payment in the school canteen. This facility may be availed during lunch break and after school on days when extra classes are conducted.


The school strives to give its students the best of all the facilities, be its re- creational or educational. The school maintains semi – Olympic size swimming pool with modern cleaning system. The school also has a small kids splash pool.