DPS Ambala

DPS Ambala is one of the apex schools in India. It is a private educational institution run under the aegis of the DPS Society. It is located in lush green belt of Ambala, “the School with a difference” and is of its own kind providing complete grooming and nurturing young minds ,enabling to become world class responsible citizen who have ability to contribute in a significant manner at global level in all spheres of life having immense faith in rich Indian heritage and its culture with scientific and progressive attitude.
The school has commitment to provide excellent academic environment, shaping IQ, SQ and EQ of the students with high standard of ethical awareness and spirit of sportsmanship.
Motto :- Creating Global Citizens Through Quality Education

The world class education comes to Ambala
“Robert Frost envisioned a world without boundaries and today we are moving towards one. When the world is becoming one global village, it becomes the responsibility of an educational institution to produce individuals who can adopt and adapt because the waters of life are constantly changing”.
The DPS Society is well known entity in the field of education which provides spiritual environment to give much needed nourishment to the human spirit. DIPSITES know that what matters is being truly human.

Child Centred education with an emphasis on ‘learning by doing’. The teacher in this institution is a co-learner as well as a facilitator in the vibrant classroom, rather than a be-all-end-all for the students. As a result, the students are not always dependent on the teacher, instead, learning is initiated by the students themselves through numerous activities and closely monitored peer interactions.

DPS Ambala is committed to making the transition from pure academics to total education so that the straight – jacketed traditional approach to academics is replaced by Quality Education. The school aims to groom its students so that they become men/women of substance with wholesome personalities having not just a sound Intelligence Quotient (IQ) but also a high Emotional Quotient (EQ), which will enable them to empathize with others with utmost clarity. Some of the salient features of this ‘pioneer institution’ which set it apart from other as follows.




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